Equality, Autonomy and Women's Rights.

Amez was founded 2005 in the city of Sulaymania. The organization is religiously and politically independent and is working hard to promote the status of women in Kurdistan through courses, seminars and workshops

Goals / Purpose Amez:

• Rebuilding society after war and dictatorship, through education and democratic thinking.

• Strengthen women's courage and ambition to become self-sufficient.

• Have the women come out from the traditional household work and give them a common forum to exchange social experiences.

• One of the main goals of Amez is to develop and nurture the potential of women, which Amez contributes to by providing them with the tools necessary for them to follow their desire.

• Tackling forced marriage, through support, education and information.

• Working actively against honor-related violence and murder.

• Provide a library, give women the opportunity to expand their knowledge by reading and get access to the books of their own interests.

Activities at Amez:

Amez offers courses depending on demand. The courses which have existed and have been very popular with Amez, has been started after requests from participants. Examples of these courses are: Beginner Courses in English, Computer knowledge, Textiles (sewing), aerobics and gym.

• There has also been a great demand on driving lessons with female teachers. This has also been offered.

• Learning to ride a bicycles.

• Theater and Dance.

• Access to recreation activities such as various board games, chess, card games, table tennis, football, badminton and baking for example. This is offered between courses or you can come when you want without being a participant in a course.

• Seminars and workshops are offered concerning the following: Democracy,  Women's Rights and Gender Equality.

Recently Amez also got involved with operation 1325 and assisted by translating into Kurdish for spreading its message to the rest of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Chairman of Amez org.

  • Amez Staff Sulaymani 2005

  • Amez Staff Halabja 2007

  • Amez Staff Halabja 2014

TEL :  + 964 (0) 7501837212 /  7501711448

Email : awaz@amezhalabja.se