Our vision and dream is to help educate the women of Kurdistan to reach the awareness and enlightenment of the modern women of the western world.
Amez works to enhance women rights and gender equality by strengthening women and changing the community.
Amez works to increase women intellect and educate them well in order to get benefit from their potentials, after getting the reliable certificate in the folk high school. 
Today Amez wants to take a greater step which is developing the previous courses which we had to a professional way, and the participants will be able to get a reliable certificate in that courses they will take and choose to participate.
Amez will work and do preparation for establishing a folk high school for those women who missed finishing formal study and don't have job opportunities in order to share women potential energy in community and they will be able to get a reliable certificate in this folk high school.

Our target groups are the women who they have been the victims of the social and political problems of our city. The first group is an isolated women group who they have been isolated from studying and they don't have any job opportunities to be able to manage their own life. Work with this group is so important in order to be a normal and active person and share their potential energy in the community. The target group will be an educated expert group then they will educate a group of children in a healthy and modern way, this education will reflect in the children's families by this way we can make a change in the community.
The second target group is the women of start your own business work course, this group will be a confident and economic independent group and they will be beneficial individual for their surroundings.
Revival and developing culture of our city is another our task for the next year by carrying out some cultural and artistic activities and exchanging culture and art among the other countries because we believe that culture can be a good gate for developing our work and activities, they are a talented women group, the purpose of this group is to return those talented women for art field and they can influence community to change.
Another target group is a group of women who they are interested to have a good health and fit body by doing sport exercises and it will reflect in positive way in their families, healthy families create healthy community.
Another target group is a group of women who they can’t write and read they are illiterate; they can take benefits by participating in eradication of illiteracy course and they also can increase their intellectual level especially the women who they live in villages and isolated area they haven’t had any opportunity to study.

The international organization (Kvinna till Kvinna) is Amez partner , the Swedish institute, Skeppsholmen’s folk high school  helps Amez for carrying out the cultural activities , Amez tries to build a relationship with Kurdistan Regional Government, The municipality of Halabja including the mayor himself, the police chief and the directorate education of Halabja have all promised cooperation and help when we need it. Some of the local media advertise on our behalf, mainly from TV and radio, sometimes with some fee sometimes without fee. We have very important activity apart from our organization’s work, there is a network council in Halabja which consists of 27 governmental and non-governmental organizations of Halabja, which they are very active for local and international issues.

Note: For more information about our relation with (KRG), ministries and directorates, please find the pre-study of Mrs. Katarina and Pia who they carried out on April of 2014 in Kurdistan.

  • Skeppsholmen’s folk high school

Kurdistan Report 2009

In the summer of 2007, we had a summer project in the town of Halabja with the support of Forum Syd by Women for Peace. It lasted 3 months. 400 women participated in a number of courses such as computer skills, needlework, driving license for women, English courses and health (which Friskis and svettis). Two seminars, one of them led by a female lawyer who specializes in women's issues. The second seminar was led by a female doctor who told me about a woman's health from puberty to menopause.

After the summer end of the project, it was very many of the participating women's desire to make the project more permanent, as an organization of type Amez Organization in Sulaymaniyah.

In October 2008, returned a group of six people from Save the Children Network against honor-related violence and Women for Peace in Kurdistan. During the existence of Kurdistan, we saw again the women from Halabja. They reminded us not to forget them and urged us to form an organization. They immediately contacted in place with Gudrun Tiberg from KFF, and Maria Hagberg from the network.

2009, we wrote a planning application for a continuation of the summer courses in Halabja. We received a grant of 140 000 SEK from Forum Syd.

I came up with an idea with this money that could make even greater benefit. The idea was that if I were financially from the Kurdish government, too, so I'd instead of summer courses once again, now make it a year-round permanent organization which our group had promised the women in Halabja earlier.

I decided to talk with the Kurdish government, if they could help to provide support to the organization. I contacted the government through Mahabad Qaradaghi which is a recognized writer and active in women's issues. Nechirvan Barzani, who is Kurdish region's prime minister, promised to support all projects that deal with women's issues, especially if it is in Halabja. We  was supported by the Kurdish government in the form of 18,000 US dollars (then worth about 148,000 SEK).

So now we have decided to form a permanent organization and are looking for a building or a house that suits the business. For this purpose, traveled my husband, Dilan Daleni in May 2009 to Kurdistan and Halabja. He and helpers from Amez rented a house and Dilan began preparing the house with all the equipment and supplies needed for the operation.

After about a month I announced that the house was ready for occupancy and only I was missing to get started with the business. On 6 June 2009, I go to Kurdistan. But they had already launched operations on 1 June. The first thing I did when I came to Kurdistan to visit Amez in Sulaymaniyah to see how the operation proceeded there, and to discuss the situation with the new Amez in Halabja with the staff. The next day I went to Halabja.

When I stepped through the gate to Amez in Halabja was greeted by 103 participating women with tearful eyes, hugged and kissed me with gratitude that we opened Amez in Halabja. The feeling I got was so moved that I was, I can not describe.

After a while I asked the women to come and help me unload the car in which I explained that I had with me gifts for them. The presents consisted of about 70 hand-picked books that I myself bought in Sulaymaniyah, eight large boxes that I sent from Sweden which consisted of clothing, bags, makeup, puzzles and other items donated to the women of Amez from my friends and acquaintances who wanted to help. This made them, if possible, even happier.

I took a look at the roster and it turned out that it was fully booked three months ahead already. It made me very happy was that every day was full of women in the house, who greeted each other warmly and cordially. There were women of all ages, young and old, illiterate and educated women, so it was a very heterogeneous group of women. Each group goes to his own room, and at break times together and they meet at the library room and cafeteria, some checking on the books, someone drinking tea and it is said among themselves about various 

Awaz Daleni